EPRMS cc, trading as Resource Management Services is a professional environmental management consultancy that is client focused, transparent and ensures the management of projects in a strategic, sustainable and ethical manner.

Personnel Details

Larry Eichstadt

Larry holds a BSc Honours degree in Biochemistry and Zoology from the University of Port Elizabeth and has worked in the following companies: Coopers Animal Health in East London; Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (Eastern Cape and Western Cape Office) and Ingerop Africa.

During the course of his career Larry has been exposed to a multitude of environmental projects within the water resource management, waste management and mining fields. He has worked with many professionals (consulting and industry) both nationally and internationally and therefore has gained broad experience in the environmental field. After having left DWAF during 2001, he moved into the Environmental Consulting field and is now the sole member of a registered closed corporation "Environmental Planning and Resource Management Services" (EPRMS). This consultancy is trading as Resource Management Services (RMS).

During the period between 2001 and 2017 he has managed a range of Environmental Projects primarily within the water resource and waste management field where all aspects within the Waste Hierarchy have been addressed. A primary and growing project focus over the last three (3) years has been Waste Treatment and Beneficiation particularly within the Organic Waste and Liquid Hazardous Waste Management fields.

Capacity Building and Skills Training

Resource Management Services (RMS) is continually investigating opportunities to assist potential historically disadvantaged environmental consultants and environmental graduates in developing valuable skills in the form of contract work. The current lack of employment opportunities within the Country makes this service essential and will assist to develop greater capacity and enhance the depleted skills level in the waste management field over time.
RMS also participates in joint ventures and partnerships with HDI owned companies.