Here you can find a list of legal related documents around our field of work.
For documents relating to specific projects, please view our Projects page.

  • Infrastructure Development Act - GG37712View

  • Marine Living Resources ActView

  • Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development ActView

  • National Resources Heritage ActView

  • National Water ActView

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act - Major Hazard Installation RegulationsView

  • National Environmental Management

    National Environmental Management Act - 2014 Environmental Impact Assessment RegulationsView

    National Environmental Management - Protected Areas Amendment Act - GG37710View

    National Environmental Management - Integrated Coastal Management Act, 2008View

  • National Environmental Management - Waste Act

    • Waste Act - 2008View

    • Norms & Standards for Storage of WasteView

    • Norms & Standards for Assessment of Waste for Landfill DisposalView

    • National Standards for Scrapping of Recovery Motor VehiclesView

    • Waste Act Amendment - July 2013View

    • Waste Classification & Management Regulations - August 13View

    • Norms & Standards for Waste Management - August 2013View

    • List of Waste Management Activities - November 2013View

    • National Policy on Thermal Treatment of General & Hazardous Waste (22665 not 777)View

  • National Environmental Management - Air Quality Act

    • Air Quality Act 2014View

    • Air Quality Act - Listed Activities, 2013View