Project Management & Policy Plan Developement

  • Remediation of Contaminated Land and Water Resources:
    Policy and Strategy Member of the South African Remediation Consortium (SARC) appointed by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) for the National Project

  • Member of the Mess Action Campaign (MAC 21) project team "MAC – strategic project to clean up the City of Cape Town"
    To develop recommendations to strengthen Integrated Waste Management (IWM) within the City of Cape Town's policies and tools.

  • Eden District Municipality - Regional Composting Strategy Adviser to Eden District Municipality whilst preparing for the Regional Composting Strategy

  • First Generation Integrated Waste Management Plan for the City of Johannesburg by Jarrod Ball & Associates Preparation of a Report on alternative waste technologies as part of the development of a First Generation IWM Plan

  • DEADP: Situation Analysis Report on Hazardous Waste Management in the Western Cape Province

  • Century City: Development of an Integrated Waste Management Plan

  • DWAF: Waste Management based computer program for the training of DWAF personnel Assisted WAM Technologies with the development of the Minimum Requirements for software based training

  • DEADP: Developement of a Chemicals Management Action Plan and Incident Reporting Procedure

  • Stellenbosch Sustainability Institute Integrated Analysis of Resource Flows – Waste Management

  • DEADP: Preparation of the Provincial Integrated Waste Management Plan (IWMP) Western Cape Province (DEADP): Part of Golder and Associates Project team for the IWMP