The company's mission statement is supported by the working experience (as a regulator and environmental project manager) and knowledge of the director, and sole member Larry Eichstadt, within the water resource, waste management and environmental planning fields.
Due to this broad working experience the company provides a professional consulting service in the following areas...

RMS has a collective experience in managing and facilitating environmental projects within a range of disciplines with the primary focus being within the waste, waste water and water management fields.

The company is well placed based on the experience of the consulting team to manage projects taking into account the continually changing environmental legislative landscape. These changes have required insight into the manner in which legal requirements and processes are integrated into project processes to ensure that clients are provided a professional consulting service whereby projects are where possible fast tracked and completed in a realistic time frame and at a competitive price.

The recent significant and varied changes in the waste management field require waste management consultancies to have broad experience in managing projects which cover all steps in the waste hierarchy.

A primary focus is currently the recovery, reuse, treatment and beneficiation of waste a particular area within which RMS has become a leading consultancy in the country.